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1022w; G
Summary: Of all the failed relationships that Joonmyeon's been through, the one with Yifan's the only one he regrets.

In a flash, it's like they're in their mid-twenties again, and Joonmyeon is too scared to stand up for himself and be truthful, once again, and Yifan's tired, tired of lying and being lied to.Collapse )

carpe diem

carpe diem
7,178w; PG
Summary: To Yifan, there is nothing more important than his schedule. However, Park Chanyeol challenges that belief on a daily basis.
A/N: written for my cutest enabler, timeshaker ♥. serves as a side-story to her buttoned up; 互扣. can be read as a stand-alone.

It isn’t much, but Yifan finds himself feeling surprisingly light-hearted by the time he reaches home and toes off his shoes. He supposes for once, Park Chanyeol isn’t such an annoying prick after all.Collapse )

develop - part ii

develop - part i

14,064w; R
Summary: The time it takes to fix a broken relationship takes longer than developing film. Wu Fan waits it out, anyway. photography!au with photographer!lay and model!kris.
A/N: for kim_ri, because she's sososo lovely ♥

It’s almost as though they’ve been forced back to how things were a year ago, that this was the Yixing he had grown to admire and care for, and suddenly, Wu Fan’s falling, falling, falling all over again. Collapse )

drabble dump #1

just a couple of things that i wrote on twitlonger either to cheer people up or out of sheer boredom. idek what i'm doing with my life ;w; will reply to comments when exams are over and out of my way next thursday \o/

krislay; pg; 262w
for kim_ri as a cheer-up thingy. love you and miss you, katniss ♥

yixing blinks at him blankly from across the room and taozi peers over his shoulder and announces, “xing-ge, you’re fan-ge’s ideal type.”Collapse )


sehan; pg (somewhat); 234w
written for bicheul jie ♥
supposed to be a cheer-up fic thing, but it digressed halfway, because i was thinking of the conversation i had with pillowfrost</lj> awhile back, about lu han's family being supposedly unhappy with his career? idk really, but this is the end-result, wilts.

he sighs. he’s going to need a distraction to distract him from his sehun-filled thoughts when he gets back to china.Collapse )

ready to go (so get me out of my mind)

ready to go (so get me out of my mind)
2,392w; PG
Summary: In which Sehun has a massive crush on a certain boy at a candy store and Zitao laughs at his sad plight on a daily basis.
A/N: for emmi sweetie, seulpeo, because it's her birthday ♥

He’d like to believe that contrary to what Zitao and Baekhyun thought, his dignity was still perfectly intact.Collapse )
Love Three Times a Day (Hello Goodbye)
11,512w; PG
Sehun/Luhan, slight Taemin/Krystal
Summary: Luhan's never liked being thrown out of control, unpredictability and dancing in public. Right now, he might just have to learn to live with it. highschool!au, side story to Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees).
A/N: written for the sweetest sunlit ♥ also, slight correction on it being a highschool!au instead of a college!au as stated initially.

He shifts his bag slightly and pats the ground next to him, chewing on his lower lip as he glances up at Luhan. Luhan gives him a grin in return and plops down next to him, such that Luhan can feel the sweat on Sehun’s arms when Sehun leans towards him and asks him for choreography ideas, voice soft and entrancing.Collapse )

flirting lessons 101

Flirting Lessons 101
596w; NC-17
Summary: Sehun has an adrenaline rush after dance practice and Jongin happens to be lurking around. Pretty much shameless PWP.
A/N: blaming this on feixing because she made me write porn in return for her writing me porn OTL. also, not cross-posting this anywhere because it is embarrassing, so feel free to ignore it ;~~~;

“Are you high or something?” Jongin pants, Sehun’s lips a hair’s breath away.Collapse )