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1,048w; pg
summary: chanyeol's never been able to turn away from the allure of danger. somewhat of a secret agents!au fic.
a/n: written with kim_ri in mind, because she loves krisyeol and i love her ♥

a case or situation that demands prompt action or remedy.

It’s a bad idea. He should have known from the moment Kris caught his eye at the club, a smirk toying the corner of his lips.

But Chanyeol finds himself being drawn to Kris nonetheless, allowing Kris to pay for his drink while he slides into the empty seat beside him. “You want to get out of here?” Kris asks him, five minutes later, his hand hot on Chanyeol’s thigh.

He shouldn’t. It would be insane and incredibly selfish of him, and -

Chanyeol just can’t find it in himself to say no, when Kris closes the remaining distance between them, his lips desperate against Chanyeol’s, hands warm on Chanyeol’s back. And Chanyeol just falls a little deeper, as his eyes flutter shut.

He’s never been able to fight that insatiable love he has for danger.

It becomes an incredibly repetitive cycle.

Despite Chanyeol changing the clubs he goes to every week, he somehow runs into Kris in every single club. It’s almost as if Kris is challenging him, telling him that he’ll be able to track him down, no matter how hard he tries to run.

Don’t do it, he can almost hear Baekhyun saying at the back of his head.

But Chanyeol can’t find it in himself to say no to Kris’s roaming fingers, or the heat in that smile of his. He can’t bring himself to forget the way Kris’s skin had felt, hot against his, as he rubs Kris through his boxers. Neither can he forget the low growl that Kris lets out, when he’s this close and Chanyeol’s hand just isn’t fast enough, the friction just isn’t satisfying enough for him.

These are the things that Chanyeol finds himself thinking about when Jongin briefs him on his missions, despite the dark looks Jongin shoots him wordlessly.

“Be careful,” Baekhyun tells him abruptly, as he adjusts the lapels of Chanyeol’s leather jacket one day, before he goes on a mission.

“Hey, I’m not the best agent here for no reason,” Chanyeol manages easily, patting Baekhyun’s hand gently.

There is something behind the look that Baekhyun shoots him, the same ones that Baekhyun always gives him when he knows Chanyeol is about to commit an incredibly stupid sin, that sends a shiver up Chanyeol’s spine. But, it’s gone before Chanyeol can ask about it, and Baekhyun’s stupid eye smiles are back, as he removes his hands from Chanyeol’s jacket. “I know,” Baekhyun hums and turns on his heels. “I hope you do too, Chanyeol.”

Baekhyun might be an idiot almost all the time, but he gives sound advice.

Chanyeol only realises that when Sehun throws him on the passenger seat of their black Mercedes convertible, his hand pressed against his right shoulder, eyes squeezed shut in hopes of numbing the pain.

“You’re going to be okay,” Sehun mutters, the scenery turning into a slow blur around them, as he slams on the accelerator, car swerving insanely while he grips the steering wheel with shaking fingers.

Chanyeol manages a laugh at that, shifting slightly in his seat and trying not to feel faint when he pulls his fingers away, only to see it damp with crimson. “It’s just a bullet,” he attempts, trying to calm Sehun down before they both die from his madman driving. “No one’s died from a bullet in the arm, don’t worry.”

“That’s the least of my worries,” Sehun deadpans, his face devoid of emotions, as he manages another insane swerve. “Take the wheel for two seconds.”

Chanyeol’s barely managed to reach over, when Sehun turns around, foot still firm on the accelerator, and fires three shots. A satisfying crash is heard, and Sehun grimaces a little, before he shoves Chanyeol off the steering wheel.

He sighs, it’s going to be a long ride back.

“We need to get rid of them,” Jongin hisses, his eyes dark and sparked with a burst of fire that Chanyeol’s only seen once - when they were taking down Lu Han.

Next to him, Joonmyeon swerves around in his rolling chair, laptop balanced on his hand, as he turns the screen to face them. “I only caught him on the camera for a couple of seconds, but -”

“Jesus,” Chanyeol exhales shakily, slamming down his right hand on the table, before wincing slightly at the pain which shoots up his arm.

“I don’t know if he’s seen your face, but it’ll be better for us if you get rid of him, Park,” Jongin says, after a long hum of silence.

Chanyeol casts a quick glance over at Jongin, but Jongin’s eyes are averting his, almost as if he knows the thoughts running through Chanyeol’s mind. His heart sinks a little to the pit of his stomach, as Jongin drops a file on the table.

It’s red, not the usual black that Jongin gives him to brief him on his cases. It’s a warning, a form of compassion on Jongin’s part, something that he could get shot down for if authorities were to ever catch wind of it.

Jongin’s hand is warm on Chanyeol’s shoulder - a friend, more than a team leader - but it does little to dispel the rising bile in Chanyeol’s throat. “Good luck, Chanyeol.”

There’s a long silence, punctuated with Joonmyeon’s incessant typing on his laptop, and Chanyeol finally dares himself to pick up the file.

Photographs flutter to the ground gently, and Chanyeol freezes, the file slipping from his fingers.

Kris’s arm around his waist. Kris whispering hotly into his ears. Kris pressing a kiss to the side of Chanyeol’s neck. Kris. Kris. Kris.

They knew. They had known all along. It had been a trap, right from the start, and Chanyeol had played into their hands like a fool.

There had been no mission. It’s just been a reason, a cover-up, for the agency to send Chanyeol after the top agent of their rival agency.

And Chanyeol realises belatedly, when Kyungsoo slides a black gun onto the table, his eyes laced with sympathy, that this is his retribution, and that he has no choice.

He either carries out the mission, like he’s expected to, or he gets killed, most probably by one of his best friends, for sleeping with the top agent of their biggest rival agency.

nancy, this probably isn't the type of krisyeol you have in mind, whenever you're screaming about them on twitter. but you know i can only write dark and weird things lately. i love you and i hope you don't kill me for this nonetheless ♥

this is probably the best part of the whole post.
Tags: !fanfic, fandom: exo, p: kris/chanyeol, rating: pg
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