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because you are the stars, the sun, the moon
1,074w; pg
summary: sehun is an ulzzang with a huge crush on makeup-senpai, baekhyun. jongin is just hanging around for a good show.
a/n: for feixing because she owes me sebaek. and she understands their dynamics. (and my pain that resulted in his drabble) again, one of those things i'm not cross-posting anywhere because it was written in 20 mins and it's crap.

“are you wearing eyeliner?”

sehun flushes a little and tugs the hood of his jacket lower, trying to shield his eyes from jongin. why did he think it’s a good idea to try out new things when he’s meeting jongin of all people. jongin looks less than impressed as he knocks the hood off sehun’s head in one swift motion and leans across the table. “oh my actual god, you are.”

“shut up,” sehun hisses, and shoves his best friend back into his seat. people are staring and they’re going to be defined as campus weirdos if jongin doesn’t fucking stop laughing.

jongin props his elbows on the table and blinks at sehun cutely. “i thought you merely thought he was hot. are you actually taking his makeup advice?”

“chanyeol-hyung told me makeup accentuates my features!” sehun huffs indignantly. “and baekhyun-senpai actually makes makeup look so easy to apply.”

he thinks his eyes are actually sparkling a little because jongin just doubles over with laughter and he scowls. “you actually look like one of those cute little fanboys right now,” he teases, a bright glint in his eyes. “like senpai, senpai, please notice me!!!!”

“oh, do i?” sehun grins a little, before he reaches across the table, knocks jongin’s smoothie over and revels as jongin’s bubbly laughter turns into screams.


in his defense, it’s not his fault. nothing is ever his fault.

he’s always had a fear of crowds, has always hated being caught in them in fear of being pickpocketed. or molested. or something. what, he’s a pretty, young, totally available guy alright.

so it’s really not a surprise when sehun tries to pass as quickly as possible through the crowd gathered outside sephora. except, there’s a body that appears out of nowhere and collides into his, and sehun’s shopping bag lands with a ‘thud’ on the ground.

“i’m so sorry,” sehun vaguely hears, but he’s too busy gathering up his stuff to bother looking up.

“it’s fine,” he mumbles and pushes past the body, through the crowd which suddenly seems to be closing in on him, his cheeks burning.

it’s only three hours later that sehun develop a burning hatred for his crowd phobia.


“he was this close to me, jongin, and i let it slip right through my fingers,” sehun moans, burying his face in his hands.

jongin laughs and steals another mouthful of sehun’s apple pie. “and all you had to do was look up. and you might have seen the huge poster announcing that baekhyun’s giving a makeup class at sephora. or even better, you could have seen him in person and die on spot that you actually made!! physical!! contact!! with him,” jongin supplies helpfully, chewing on the end of his spoon.

sehun really thinks now would be a good time for him to shove jongin’s head into the apple pie. he should have chosen sweet little kyungsoo as a best friend instead. “you are like the most sympathetic person i have ever known,” sehun deadpans.

and jongin has the decency to beam at sehun, before his smile is wiped off his face and his eyes are suddenly as wide as saucers.

“what now, you bitch,” he snaps in annoyance, turning around and freezing.

he must be dreaming. and this is a cruel nightmare to tease him for missing his makeup senpai yesterday. if he pinches himself hard enough, he just might wake up.

ouch. okay. maybe not.

byun baekhyun rubs the back of his neck a little awkwardly and slides a brown eyeliner pen on the table. “you uh, left this behind yesterday. when you bumped into me. i, uh. nice color. this color’s really hot this season.”

"how did you find me?" sehun says instead, because it's better than yelling senpai has noticed me!!! like what his brain is advising him to do.

“i.” baekhyun averts his eyes and fiddles with his thumbs, before dropping them pathetically and chancing a glance up at sehun. “look, i’ve heard of you before, alright? that really pretty ulzzang that everyone’s been crazy over these days.”

sehun’s eyes widen a little at this. across from him, jongin looks like he’s about to roll of his chair either from shock or from the effects of holding in his laughter.

“and i kinda need a model for the latest makeup videos i’m working on. so i was wondering if you would be um interested to model for me.” baekhyun finishes, before his eyes widen slightly. “don’t worry! i’ll pay you!!”

sehun just blinks at him, his breath catching. his ulzzang days had always just been a hobby, something that sprouted when lu han posted a photo of him on the net due to his twisted definition of fun. he only carried on with it subsequently because of the positive reaction. and well, sehun likes attention.

he thinks, he really owes lu han bubble tea right about now.

baekhyun looks a little dejected, as he mumbles, “it won’t be a lot but we can negotiate if you are agreeable?”

and he’s going to kill himself if his tongue doesn’t fucking untangle itself and say something. he’s not going to fuck up his chance a second time. jongin would never let him live it down.

“pay is the last thing he would be worried about,” jongin exclaims, speaking on sehun’s behalf. “all he cares about is having your fingers on his face.”

“jongin!!!” sehun squeaks, as he kicks jongin in the shin under the table.

baekhyun looks slightly confused as he blinks at them. “so, is that a yes?”

“yes!!!” sehun exclaims, before he inhales deeply. he probably looks like a crazed bitch right now. so much for appearing sane and ~idol-worthy~. “yes,” he repeats, nodding in approval when his voice doesn’t crack awkwardly this time.

“great!” baekhyun exclaims as he reaches into his pocket. “here’s my name card. drop me a call when you’re done with classes and we’ll talk, alright?”

it’s only when baekhyun is out of earshot does sehun jump up from his seat and start bouncing on his toes, while jongin rolls his eyes and rubs his shin.

“you’d probably be more delighted if his fingers were on places other than your face,” jongin quips, lips tugged downwards in a scowl.

sehun decides, it’s the best day of his life, when jongin shrieks as sehun shoves his face into apple pie. because hey, what are best friends for.
Tags: !fanfic, fandom: exo, p: sehun/baekhyun, rating: pg
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