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carpe diem

carpe diem
7,178w; PG
Summary: To Yifan, there is nothing more important than his schedule. However, Park Chanyeol challenges that belief on a daily basis.
A/N: written for my cutest enabler, timeshaker ♥. serves as a side-story to her buttoned up; 互扣. can be read as a stand-alone.


carpe diem - a phrase which means “seize the day.” take life for it’s best and take a hold of every opportunity.

Personality Types:
Red - unpredictable, carries out actions based on emotions
Yellow - unorganised, untidy, constantly late
Blue - statistical, no-nonsense, cares about hard facts
Green - systematic, analytical, bothers about minute insignificant details


“He’s totally your type.”

Yifan rolls his eyes and continues copying the names of the gathered participants onto his Excel spreadsheet. Lu Han pouts and kicks Yifan’s chair, causing it to spin precociously one, before it stops with a scowling Yifan in Lu Han's face.

“I don’t have a type,” Yifan deadpans with a roll of his eyes.

Lu Han beams at him and shakes his head, murmuring in a low voice, “No, no, no; I’m sure of it. I've never been wrong at things like this.”

“Who’s Yifan-ge’s type?”

Yifan slumps forward till his forehead hits the table as Yixing plops down on the revolving chair beside Lu Han, sporting a mischievous grin. Lu Han he could deal with. Lu Han with a sprinkle of Yixing always resulted in him being a gigantic joke.

“Yeolo~” Lu Han responds with a small hum, which leaves Yixing with bright eyes, and he starts jabbing Yifan repeatedly in the ribs.

Yifan ignores both of them and turns back to his laptop to resume his work. His eyes narrow on a particular row and he curses, “Oh dear god, please tell me my eyesight is failing me.”

Yixing leans against his arm, and raises an eyebrow when he sees the row Yifan is mentioning. Lu Han lets out a giggle from his left and wiggles his eyebrows suggestively at Yixing, before the two of them erupt into laughter, Yixing collapsing into Yifan's lap.

He momentarily contemplates on killing both of them as he types in the final letter of the name with more force than necessary. Best friends? Please, these two lived to see his misery.

Park Chanyeol.



Yifan rolls his eyes at Lu Han for the umpteenth time and continues twirling his pen absent-mindedly. He belatedly regrets agreeing to carry out the experiment at this engineering school with the rest of this hurriedly-assembled team, which many others had flat-out rejected.

If anything, Yifan’s learning on his second day on campus that these engineers-to-be are too obsessed with hard facts for anyone’s good. They would probably be the people who go against the hypothesis of the experiment – when two people of different colour types are forced to interact frequently, their secondary colour would alter to ultimately become the opposing colour type.

Next to him, Lu Han flicks an imaginary piece of lint off Yifan’s shirt and stifles a yawn as girls walk past them, gawking slightly. Lu Han flashes them a polite smile which vanishes as soon as they are gone, before he turns to Yifan and complains, “This school is so boring, Yifan. There are no cuties and – oh!”

Yifan glances up from his laptop as Lu Han scurries towards two guys. His eyes widen momentarily before he turns back to his laptop and wills his invisibility powers to start acting up.

It doesn’t work.

“Hello, Yifan! We meet again!”

“Unfortunately,” Yifan mutters under his breath, his fingers stilling on his keyboard as he stares daggers into the hand rubbing his thigh.

Well, hello there, non-existent personal space. Yifan's eyes search the room in the hopes he might be able to bore a hole through Lu Han's head with his irritated glare, but ends up doing just that at the boy Lu Han’s eyes were locked on instead. The kid looks as scandalised as he was feeling, and Yifan makes a mental note to tell Lu Han to stop touching him, because if anything, Yifan has a slight idea of how annoyed the kid must be.

Yifan clears his throat and tries to brush Chanyeol’s hand off his thigh as politely as he can. “What’s your friend’s name?”

Chanyeol blinks at him before beaming and answering brightly, “Sehun! Oh Sehun. Why?”

We need to exchange tips sometime, Yifan thinks, but just gives Chanyeol a stiff smile instead and turns back to his laptop in the hopes that if he shuts up long enough, Chanyeol might just vaporise into bubbles, taking his insanity with him.

Yixing brushes past his table and Yifan grabs his hand, speaking in rapid Mandarin, “Please take this one, he’s totally your type.”

The instant Yixing's eyes fall on Chanyeol, Yifan knows he's made a terrible mistake and nearly curses out loud at the amusement swirling in Yixing's eyes. “You must be Park Chanyeol,” Yixing muses, a light smile playing at the corners of his lips.

Chanyeol straightens and blinks at Yixing, nodding vigorously as Yifan snaps, “He’s a yellow, Yixing. I don’t deal with yellows.”

“You’re supposed to deal with contradictions, Yifan. That’s the point of the experiment, so green and yellow is a perfect match.”

Yifan’s jaw drops as Yixing gives Chanyeol a pat on the shoulder and says reassuringly, “Don’t worry, Yifan’s just not used to people messing up his orderly life. So feel free to mess it up to your heart’s content! The bigger the mess, the more help you’ll be to this experiment!”

Chanyeol gives a huge nod, and Yixing gives a satisfied nod before bouncing off to the next station in search of a partner. Yifan takes a deep breath and counts to ten in his head, squeezing his eyes shut.

When he opens them, Chanyeol is an inch away from his face and Yifan backs up against his chair. He places a hand on Chanyeol’s chest and shoves him back, growling, “If you want this partner thing to work, we need ground rules. And rule number one is stay a meter away from me at all times. No touching, no in-my-face actions, nothing, or I’m finding a new partner right this moment.”

Chanyeol shrinks back into his chair and makes a soft whimpering sound. Yifan presses his fingers to his temple and rubs it in a slow, circular motion. He was clearly going to learn more than anyone else in this experiment.


“So, what are you doing?”

Yifan tenses and his fingers freeze over his keyboard as an arm wraps around his shoulder. He only relaxes when he hears melodious laughter and Lu Han collapses onto the chair next to him, wiggling his eyebrows cutely. “I think I’m doing a good job of imitating Chanyeol-sshi.”

“I think you and Yixing are having too much fun with this,” Yifan sighs, almost resignedly, and turns his attention back to his laptop.

Lu Han crinkles his nose in slight distaste and jabs Yifan until Yifan huffs, “Yes, what do you want?”

“Pair me up with Sehun,” Lu Han whines, throwing in a small pout for good measure.

Yifan glances down at the list next to his laptop. Oh Sehun, blue. He sighs and replies, “That can be arranged. But let the system try doing the pair-ups first, and if you guys aren’t paired up… I’ll see what I can do.”

Lu Han claps with glee, spinning around on his red chair, before pausing abruptly and grinning somewhat suggestively. Yifan doesn’t appreciate that look at all. “I can pair you up with Chanyeol-sshi to return the favour.”

“How about no,” he deadpans, eyes averting Lu Han’s glinting ones.

Yifan exhales as he keys in the information of the last participant and clicks a button, waiting patiently for the system to work its magic. Lu Han bounces in the seat beside him, humming a soft tune and spinning his chair around like a five-year-old. Yifan side-eyes him and vaguely wonders how they could possibly be the same age.

Beep. “It’s done!” Lu Han exclaims and leans in to search for his name.

Yifan sighs and nearly falls out of his chair as Lu Han shrieks, “I’m paired with Sehun! This is fate, Yifan. Fate.

He rolls his eyes and attempts to shove Lu Han off his lap, before Lu Han erupts into little fits of laughter and rolls on his lap. “What,” Yifan groans, although he already has a slight idea of what Lu Han’s laughing about.

“Looks like you’re fated with Yeolo too.”

In one swift motion, Yifan shoves Lu Han off his lap and proceeds to find a rope to hang himself.


Dong. The grandfather’s clock in the classroom sounds and Yifan glances up. It’s ten, but it’s not like he was expecting Chanyeol to be on time anyway. Yellows are never on time and they exist solely to throw everything off Greens’ schedule because they are–

Stop judging, he can almost hear Yixing laugh. Yixing’s always had the easiest time out of all the staff, considering he’s mainly a Red, like Lu Han, except he packs Yellow, Blue and Green as all his secondary colours.

“Sorry I’m late!”

Yifan jumps slightly as Chanyeol bounces into the classroom and conveniently drags a chair along with him, planting himself next to Yifan, so close as if making sure that their thighs are rubbing. Yifan shoots him a glare and Chanyeol lets out a soft whimper before he shifts his chair slightly to the left with a small pout.

“So, I think I mentioned previously that the test results show that you’re a Yellow without a secondary colour. I’ll go into detail about the personality type of Yellows for you to affirm the accuracy of the results now, is that alright?”

Yifan looks up from his logbook and makes a face as Chanyeol stares into space and swats the air. Short attention span, he writes before crossing it out and replacing it with non-existent attention span.

When he looks up, Chanyeol’s smiling at him brightly and Yifan winces. “Did you say something?” Chanyeol asks and blinks at him.

“Nothing of importance,” Yifan mutters as he scribbles down more observations in his logbook.

Chanyeol leans over and tries to sneak a peek, but ends up pushing his bag onto the floor, causing his papers and books to fall out in an unceremonious heap. Yifan pauses in his writing to make a face as Chanyeol bends down and laughs sheepishly, stuffing crumpled pieces of paper back into his bag, one after another. Incredibly untidy and lacks organisation.

Yifan stares at the growing list in front of him and massages his temples. He hasn’t even exchanged more than ten sentences with Chanyeol and he’s already found a strong affirmation for the results that the system’s presented him with.

He closes his logbook and sits back in his chair, before he clears his throat and says, “I think we’re done for today, Chanyeol-sshi.”

Chanyeol blinks at him and exclaims, “But I haven't even been in here for ten minutes!”

“And you’ve already given me all the information I require,” Yifan says, with finality. “Since today’s session objective was just to affirm your results, we’re done with today’s objective. There’s no time limit to each interactive session that we have together.”

He’s on his feet and ironing out the wrinkles in his shirt with his palm when Chanyeol tugs on his wrist. “You never told me what colour you are!”

“I’m a Green,” Yifan says slowly. “Which means I am extremely concerned about minute details which you didn’t bother listening to a couple of minutes ago. And I am incredibly stringent with punctuality because tardiness throws my schedule off track.”

Chanyeol gapes at him slightly and lets go, looking as dejected as a cat that had just been kicked. Yifan spins on his heel and takes off in swift strides. He pauses at the door, then walks back over to Chanyeol and grips his hand. “And it means I am extremely uncomfortable with this,” he says, holding up their intertwined fingers in between their faces.

He lets go of Chanyeol’s hand and walks out without looking back, ignoring the horribly sad look on Chanyeol's face.


“You should be less brutal to people,” Yixing comments over lunch with a click of his tongue.

Baekhyun stifles a laugh and jokes, “That’s like asking pigs to fly.”

Yifan shoots both of them a glare and returns to his food. Beside him, Lu Han stirs his noodles around in its bowl and chews on his chopsticks, before saying, “Yixing’s right. You know how hard it is to find people who are predominantly one colour. Don’t scare him off with your bitch face, Yifan.”

“Then he needs to respect this,” Yifan says in exasperation as he draws an invisible box around himself.

Yixing rolls his eyes and places his fork down, clasping his hands together. “That’s like asking pigs to fly,” he repeats, causing Baekhyun to erupt into laughter.

“In all seriousness though, you need to tell him to respect that in a more… understandable manner, Yifan. Yellows don’t deal well with details and you’re probably giving him too much of a headache with all your explanations and analyses that his brain’s not receptive to anything you say,” Yixing finishes with flourish, and Lu Han applauds him happily.

He contemplates Yixing’s words for a couple of seconds before finally giving up and saying, “So, what’s the Yellow way of saying stop touching me?”

Yixing rolls his eyes as Lu Han attempts not to fall out of his chair. Baekhyun reaches across the table, ignoring Yifan’s protests of don’t touch my face and presses the tips of his fingers to the side of Yifan’s lips, before he pushes them up. “Smile,” he says, sarcasm dripping out of his one word.

Yifan tries just that; Yixing winces slightly, and Lu Han stares at him with his mouth hanging open, bits of noodles on display for the world. Lu Han swallows and sighs, “We’ll work on that. Just pretend you’re talking to the president of your fanclub back in college for now.”

“She disbanded the fanclub after I spoke to her for the first time.”

There’s a momentary silence, before all three of them erupt into viperous laughter. Yifan takes this as his cue to exit, stage right.


The black door creeks as it teeters on its hinges before Yifan. Yifan stares at the list in his phone; the haunted house certainly did not make the list.

Okay, so we’ll spend thirty minutes in the haunted house. That means we’ll push back the water rides by thirty minutes, and they’ll need to be cut short to –

“Stop counting the time in your head,” Baekhyun chimes, his hand falling easily on Kyungsoo’s shoulder.

Yifan glares at Baekhyun, before he pockets his phone. Next to Baekhyun, Kyungsoo whimpers and mumbles, “Can we not go in there, Baekhyun-sshi?”

Baekhyun flashes him a brilliant smile and answers, “Of course! We don’t have to go in there if you don’t want to. The purpose of coming to this amusement park is for me to analyse you, and that’ll be easier if you’re comfortable in your environment.”

Kyungsoo beams at Baekhyun and begins to tug him in the opposite direction, towards the ferris wheel, just as Yifan reaches out and yanks at Baekhyun’s sleeve. “Wait, you’re not going in there?”

“No,” Baekhyun answers slowly, as though weighing the severity of his words by gauging Yifan’s expression. “Joonmyeon-hyung said we have to go by what our subject wants, remember? And Kyungsoo doesn’t want to go into the haunted house, but Chanyeol-sshi does. Which means you in, me out. Have fun, Yifan.”

He wriggles out of a gaping Yifan’s grip and drags Kyungsoo away swiftly. Yifan inhales deeply and turns to a beaming Chanyeol, saying, “Can we do this later? I kind of had a schedule and –”

“But the queue is starting to build up,” Chanyeol interrupts with a timid glance at Yifan.

Yifan takes one last lingering look at his list before he follows Chanyeol and heads towards the queue. Chanyeol couldn’t possibly be any worse than Lu Han’s clinginess when horror was involved... could he?


The thing that really repulses Yifan about haunted houses were the ghosts sprawled at his feet, clinging onto his pants and threatening to suck his soul out. And if Yifan's always thought that was bad enough, it’s simply because he’s never been into a haunted house with Park Chanyeol.

Yifan staggers out of the haunted house forty minutes later, and nearly collapses onto Baekhyun, who is happily sharing a bag of popcorn with Kyungsoo.

Baekhyun side-eyes him carefully as Chanyeol exits the house and claps his hands excitedly, exclaiming, “That was so fun!”

“Yifan seems to disagree,” Baekhyun teases as he steals more popcorn from Kyungsoo’s hands.

Yifan kicks Baekhyun, who moves grudgingly to his left to make room. “He was already clinging onto my arm and shrieking at non-existent ghosts before we cleared the threshold.”

Baekhyun throws back his head and laughs jubilantly. “Lu Han does that every time we watch horror movies too. You should be used to it by now.”

“I am,” Yifan snaps, as he throws a glance at Chanyeol. “But he decided to let go and wander off mid-journey. So I ended up letting this ghostly girl cling on to my hand for the following five minutes, before wondering why it was so silent, resulting in the shock of my life.”

Chanyeol blinks back at them, proceeding to steal popcorn from Kyungsoo, ignoring the bright look of panic in Kyungsoo’s eyes. Baekhyun stares blankly at Yifan, letting popcorn roll off his tongue, earning himself a disgusted look. “You didn’t mind him touching you.”

Yifan pauses in the midst of rolling up his shirt sleeve, his eyes widening as he glances up at Baekhyun, who reaches into his bag for his phone and dials for Yixing.


“It’s nothing to be alarmed about,” Joonmyeon assures him, as he leans back into his chair and stares at Yifan’s test results. “You’re still predominantly Green. Our primary colours almost never change because it’s tied with a type of mindset that we’ve been having while growing up. But along the way, based on interactions we’ve had with other people, we start gaining secondary colours, just like how Yixing and Lu Han did.”

Yixing gives him a nod coupled with a dimpled smile beside him. Yifan exhales shakily as he stares down at his test results, trying to internalise the bombshell Joonmyeon’s just dropped on him.

“You’re actually helping with our study,” Lu Han pipes up with a smile and Yifan returns the smile meekly.

It’s only when he’s on his way home, does Yifan start googling the truth behind Joonmyeon’s words. He tries to ignore the way his heart races as he enters site after site affirming Joonmyeon’s analysis, and throws his phone back into his sling bag, pressing his head against the cool surface of the train wall.


5.07pm. Yifan counts to ten under his breath, soft enough to ensure that Lu Han cannot hear him from two seats away.

Sure enough, Chanyeol appears at the door, slightly breathless, by the time Yifan counts to nine. Yifan nods slowly and notes down ‘punctuality showing improvement’, kindly discounting the fact that being earlier by one second as per his calculation isn’t exactly the type of improvement that Joonmyeon would approve of. Or you could be turning into me and Chanyeol, thus your Math is deteriorating, he almost hears Lu Han say in a sing-song voice.

“Hi,” Chanyeol says, in a rather reserved manner, snapping Yifan out of his thoughts.

Yifan gives him a polite nod and signals to the empty seat next to him, as he adds another sticky note to his logbook. He holds his breath as Chanyeol settles down, waiting for the warm heat to find its way to his thigh, but the sensation doesn’t come and Yifan glances over at Chanyeol, furrowing his eyebrows in confusion.

Chanyeol whips out his engineering lecture notes and doodles bored little circles on it, stifling a yawn.

Yifan blinks slowly and notes down the unusual observation in a yellow post-it, which he sticks in his logbook, before snapping it shut. Chanyeol hasn’t looked up from his notes and Yifan tries to sneak a little poke at his shoulder, before his gaze falls on Sehun, eyebrows raised and mouth forming a little ‘o'.

Yifan clears his throat instead, and lets his hand drop, trying to pass off what appeared to be a weird motion with a little shrug. Next to him, Chanyeol shifts in his seat and flashes Sehun a bright smile, which Sehun returns with an awkward tweak of his facial muscles.

It puzzles him, to say the least, when Chanyeol doesn’t lay a single finger on him for the rest of the session, and Yifan admits – begrudgingly – that he does feel a little weird without Chanyeol’s hand touching him at any point of time. It’s almost like imagining a world where Yixing didn’t exist to torment him and expose his beauty secrets.

Yifan thinks, if anything, this is a sure sign of insanity.


“I thought I told you through text that I’m cancelling out meet-up today,” Yifan snarls as Chanyeol approaches him and Yixing.

Chanyeol blinks at him and stammers, “O-oh, I’m sorry. My phone ran out of battery.”

Chanyeol turns to leave, just as Yixing looks up from his logbook and calls out, “Chanyeol-sshi.”

Yifan shoots him a questioning look, as Yixing continues, “Please take him out of the lab. He’s been in a foul mood the entire day and a walk would do him some good. It’ll also lighten the atmosphere enough for me to actually get some work done.”

“Yixing –”

But Yixing’s already picked up Yifan’s bag and is throwing his logbook and pencil case in it, shoving it against his chest. “Go,” Yixing orders, his hand lingering on Yifan’s as he hands Yifan his bag. “Yellows are supposed to be good at cheering people up and that’s what you need right now or I’ll get Lu Han here to yell at you.”

There isn’t much room for argument when Yixing’s made up his mind and has even gone to the extent of dragging Lu Han into the picture, so Yifan sighs in resignation, picks up his bag and joins Chanyeol at the door.


It’s a too cold for a visit to the beach, Yifan wants to say, but the words are caught in the back of his throat when Chanyeol turns around and throws him a grin.

“Why are we here?” Yifan yells over the loud whipping of the wind.

Chanyeol doesn’t answer him, he just signals Yifan to follow him, as he steps on rocks and climbs up to the very tip of the steep (rather precarious-looking, actually) tip. Yifan follows his steps and comes to a stop next to Chanyeol, shooting him a puzzled look.

“My dad always brought me here when I’m a kid,” Chanyeol begins. “He always told me, son, take all the anger that’s threatening to tear you apart and throw it out into the sea. Scream it all out, and let the waves carry away your anger and bring you the courage to forgive in the next tide.”

It’s a strangely profound saying that catches Yifan off-guard, because Chanyeol of all people should be the last to teach him such things.

Chanyeol lets out a loud scream beside him and Yifan raises an eyebrow at him. “Try it, it really helps.”

He swears he’s going to go insane, as he opens his mouth and lets out a short scream. Chanyeol chances a glance at him and lets out another scream. Yifan laughs and joins him, letting out a long scream that leaves him breathless as cold air rushes into his lungs.

When he finally runs out of breath, Yifan joins Chanyeol on the floor. They’re sitting close enough for their thighs to brush against each other and Yifan finds it surprisingly comforting.

“Thanks,” Yifan says, after his hair’s been thoroughly messed up by the wind, despite the amount of gel he slathered on it in the morning.

Chanyeol gives him a thumb up and asks, “Feeling better?”

Screaming didn’t take away the pressing issues that had been bothering him since he had received a dreaded phone call from his mother earlier that day, but Yifan appreciates the effort nonetheless, so he responds with a meek smile and a small nod.

The smile he gets in return from Chanyeol makes him feel strangely warm inside, as Chanyeol says, “Anytime. We can run after the train next time and let it take away your problems to the next town.”

Yifan laughs and asks, “How many anger management methods do you have?”

Chanyeol’s eyes brighten at that and he launches into an intense monologue, jumping from how his father helps him feel better about things to his fondest childhood memories.

It isn’t much, but Yifan finds himself feeling surprisingly light-hearted by the time he reaches home and toes off his shoes. He supposes for once, Park Chanyeol isn’t such an annoying prick after all.



Yifan slides his phone into his pocket and gives Chanyeol a small wave, as Chanyeol jogs up to him, backpack haphazardly slung on his right shoulder. Yifan inhales, palm rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly, before he says, “I know this is kind of abrupt, but I have to meet a couple of friends for an hour or so. I promised a friend I would help her with this song they’re performing for a gig tonight. So, maybe we could meet –”

“I can go with you!” Chanyeol exclaims while clapping his hands loudly.

“No, I don’t think –”

His phone vibrates in his palm as five new messages flood his inbox. Yifan sighs – he doesn’t have time for this – and nods, mumbling, “Just don’t embarrass me, please.”


“They’ll be acting like they drunk –”

Yifan sighs as the drum beat stops abruptly and he turns to Amber, eyebrow raised slightly. Amber looks slightly thoughtful, before she replies, “Yifan, bro, I’m just not feeling it.”

“Could you at least be more specific about what you want to feel? It would give me an idea of what direction to head.”

Amber shrugs slightly and turns to the drummer, before they start exchanging words rapidly. Yifan exhales loudly and settles down on the edge of the stage, trying to rack his brain for ideas of improvement.

“Are you guys performing at a club or something with a DJ?” Chanyeol pipes up from the floor.

Amber blinks at him and nods slowly. Chanyeol beams and claps his hands together, continuing, “Maybe you could get the DJ to add some auto-mix at the parts where Yifan’s rapping? I think that’s what Far East Movement did for their actual song.”

There’s a dull hum of silence in the room, before Amber scrambles for her phone, scrolling rapidly through her music playlist for Like a G6. Yifan approaches her and presses his ear to the back of the phone, before pulling away and mumbling, “He’s right.”

Amber throws up her hands happily and exclaims, “Your friend’s a genius, Yifan!”

Yifan makes a small grunting sound and gives Chanyeol an appreciative nod, which earns him a bright smile – almost blinding him – in return.

“Hang on, let me call Kibum. He’s DJ-ing tonight, so I’ll see if he can help us with this,” Amber says, as she walks off with her phone pressed to her ear.

Yifan shrugs and settles back to his spot on the stage, mumbling the lyrics under his breath, cursing slightly at his lack of rhythm in comparison to Amber’s.

There’s a slight shuffling of footsteps, before Chanyeol takes a seat next to him (placing a surprising amount of distance between them, Yifan notes). “Maybe you should try it a little more like this,” Chanyeol suggests, clearing his throat slightly.

Yifan raises an eyebrow at him and watches Chanyeol make a big show of clearing his throat before he starts rapping Yifan’s entire part in perfect rhythm – although Yifan thinks his English is definitely better than Chanyeol’s.

Chanyeol smiles brightly at Yifan and flaps his arms slightly when he’s done. Yifan pauses slightly, looking in the direction that Amber disappeared off to. “Sorry,” Chanyeol mumbles softly and gets to his feet.

“No, wait,” Yifan calls out, causing Chanyeol to pause and blink at him blankly. “I mean, could you do that again? I kind of have a problem catching the rhythm and stuff.”

He’s met with a bright smile and an enthusiastic nod, as Chanyeol repeats line after line, with Yifan correcting his English along the way.

Yifan doesn’t even notice how long Amber’s been gone, until there’s a loud crash from behind them, and he sees Amber fumbling awkwardly with one of the cymbals. Yifan blinks at her and asks, “So what did Kibum say?”

“He asks us to get there an hour earlier than our initial arrangement for him to try things out with us first.”

Yifan gives her a nod, as Chanyeol walks back to where his bag is and resumes scribbling on his notes. Yifan’s eyes follow him unknowingly, waits for Chanyeol to look up from his notes, before he mouths thanks, accompanied with a small smile.

It’s only when Amber points out later on, after dinner, that Yifan’s being less serious around Chanyeol, does Yifan understand why his stomach's been twisting into painful knots lately.

Damn Lu Han and his stupid accuracy in judgment.


To be honest, if Yifan goes insane, he wouldn’t even know what the cause was – his newfound feelings for Chanyeol or how absolutely un-yellow Chanyeol’s been around him lately.

When he points this out to Lu Han, all he receives in return is a shrug and a well, he certainly has no problem with skinship. Yifan follows Lu Han’s eyes and sees the easy way Chanyeol slings his arm around Sehun, along with the way Sehun crinkles his nose and tries to brush Chanyeol’s arm off his shoulder.

“Oh,” Yifan mumbles, and writes down the observation in his logbook.

Across him, Lu Han yanks the pen out of Yifan’s grip and slams his logbook shut, fixing Yifan with a glare. “I’m sure there’s more you can say apart from that,” he deadpans.

Yifan shrugs and tries to pry Lu Han’s fingers off his logbook with a glare – one that has lost effect on anyone who’s worked with him for more than three months. He sighs and grumbles, “Alright, I’ll admit it’s bothering me a little. Can I have my logbook back now?”

Lu Han grins at him and leans back in his seat, pushing Yifan’s logbook back to its rightful owner. He shrugs and comments offhandedly, “Oh right, you remember that workshop Joonmyeon held for us? The one that you and Yixing arrived late for?”

“Yixing was being –”

Lu Han blinks at him with a bored expression and Yifan clamps his mouth shut, snapping, “Yes, what about that workshop and what does it have to do with Chanyeol?”

“Well, before you guys arrived, Joonmyeon was saying how opposite personality types are often attracted to each other. Yellows and Greens are just that.”

Yifan stares at him and folds his arms across his chest, raising one eyebrow. Lu Han waves his hand in a small winding motion and continues, “But Blues and Yellows are pretty different too. And well, Sehun’s a Blue.”

There’s a slight pause, before Yifan snorts, “Please, they’ve been friends for so long.”

Lu Han rolls his eyes. “Sure, but I’m sure Sehun treats Chanyeol way better than you ever did.”

Yifan stares in their direction just in time to witness Sehun smack Chanyeol’s forehead as Chanyeol leans across the table and steals a huge mouthful of Sehun’s sandwich. He narrows his eyes and chants silently it’s nothing it’s nothing it’s nothing.

A low whistle from Lu Han snaps him out of his mantra. “Looks like you’re no longer the flavor of the month, ho hum.”

Yifan wonders how long he’ll get laughed at as Yixing appears with Baekhyun just as he flings his entire logbook at Lu Han’s head.


Yifan stares down at the test results in his hands and takes a deep breath, as he counts to ten in his mind.

Primary colour: Yellow
Secondary colour: N/A

Next to him, Chanyeol shifts slightly in his seat and tries to peer at the papers in his hands. Yifan pulls the paper away from Chanyeol’s prying eyes and fixes him with a glare. Chanyeol shrinks slightly in his seat and asks, “What’s wrong with the test results?”

“Nothing,” Yifan responds. “There’s no change to the results from when you first took them.”

Chanyeol blinks at him and nods happily. “Of course not! I still forget to throw away junk that accumulates in my bag and I’m still late all the time when I’m meeting Sehun for class.”

“Oh Sehun.”

Chanyeol blinks at him and Yifan pretends not to notice the blank expression on his face, instead he scribbles down notes in his logbook. “What about Sehun?”

Yifan drops his pen and rolls his eyes, snapping, “Lu Han likes him, so stop flirting with him.”

Genuine confusion lines Chanyeol's features; he cocks his head to the right and blinks even more. Yifan inhales deeply, trying to calm himself down. Chanyeol finally answers, “But why would I flirt with him?”

“Isn’t that what you do with people that you like in the present?”

Chanyeol swallows and mumbles, “But I still like you.”

Yifan snorts, anger rising in him insanely. “Cut it out. Based on this test, Yellows would be all touchy and intimate with the person they like. And you’ve been anything but that with me as of late.”

Chanyeol narrows his eyes and leans closer to Yifan. Yifan’s about to open his mouth to tell him to fuck off, but Chanyeol swiftly closes the gap and Yifan freezes, everything a blank except for the taste and feel of Chanyeol's lips against his.

When Chanyeol finally pulls away, he mutters, “I was trying to be normal so you would stop hating me. But I guess I fucked that up too.”

Before Yifan can muster up a witty retort, Chanyeol gets to his feet, grabs his bag and literally dashes out the back door, pausing by Sehun and Lu Han’s table for five seconds on the way. He’s gone by the time Yifan snaps out of his daze, gets to his feet and runs over to the door.

He’s almost at the door when Oh Sehun steps out, directly in his path. Yifan shoots a look at Lu Han and mouths get him out of the way before I murder him in Chinese, as Sehun launches into a monologue. Lu Han returns the look and mouths I’ll murder you if you do.

Yifan sighs and turns his attention back to Sehun, who’s finishing his speech with flourish. “If you hurt him, I will be… really mad at you.”

He rolls his eyes and side steps Sehun, dashing out the door.

He makes a mental note to talk to Lu Han on a later date about upgrading his taste in other halfs, though he probably isn’t in much of an appropriate position to criticise Lu Han for falling for an idiot.


Classroom 245.

Yifan slides his phone back into his pocket and pushes the door open. Yixing waves at him and shoots him a bright smile, before he pats Chanyeol’s back repeatedly as Chanyeol chokes on his chips.

“Well, I’ll leave you two to talk then,” Yixing says and gets to his feet.

“Thanks,” Yifan mumbles as Yixing walks pass him.

Yixing wrinkles his nose and teases, “Please play nice.”

He mock-punches Yixing and shoves him out of the classroom, shutting the door behind him, before he turns to face Chanyeol.

Chanyeol scrambles and reaches for another bag of chips, fumbling to open it with shaking hands. Yifan takes slow, cautious steps to Chanyeol and plucks the bag of chips out of his hand, setting it on the table in front of him.

Yifan sits down in the chair in front of Chanyeol, planting his palms firmly on the desk between them. “Chanyeol,” he begins.

Chanyeol jumps a little and blurts out, “I know you’re really mad at me because I’m so impulsive and I throw everything in your life off-track. And god, I’m such an idiot for doing that in front of Sehun and Lu Han. I mean Sehun wouldn’t care, but Lu Han –”

“Chanyeol, can you just –”

“I know, I’m talking too much again. Just, please don’t yell at me!” Chanyeol exclaims and covers his face with his hands.

Yifan blinks and tries not to laugh at the sight before him. He covers his mouth with the back of his hand and attempts to calm his laughter. Across him, Chanyeol slowly removes his hands from his face and stares at Yifan, blinking slowly.

Yifan inhales and tries to compose himself, before he shakes his head and mumbles, “I’m not mad at you. It’s not your fault.”

“I don’t understand,” Chanyeol responds.

“I’m sorry.”

Chanyeol blinks at him in confusion. Yifan continues, “I’m sorry for being a hypocrite. For not having the courage to tell you how I feel about you. For constantly taking from you, but not giving you anything in return.”

“Does this mean…” Chanyeol trails off and he leans in tentatively towards Yifan.

Yifan smiles at Chanyeol and closes the gap between them, letting his lips slide across Chanyeol’s softly, laughing into the kiss when Chanyeol starts getting a little teeth happy. It isn't slow, it isn't fast; it isn't intense, it isn't soft; it's all just right - one half to the other, even if stupid test results show that Yellows and Greens are opposites. (Hey, opposites attract, right?)

Yifan is almost reluctant to pull apart, resting his forehead against Chanyeol's, their lips still brushing as he spoke. “Promise me you won’t be anything but yourself around me,” he says. “Please just be that crazy Yellow guy who creeped the hell out of me and forced me to fall for him.”

Chanyeol laughs loudly in return, nodding readily.

Yifan thinks Chanyeol will possibly drive him insane in the near future, but he supposes he can get used to all this.


“Please wipe that disgusting smile off your face,” Lu Han complains and he flings eraser dust at Yifan.

Yixing laughs good-naturedly in the background and pats Yifan on the back comfortingly, while Yifan glares at Lu Han for trying to ruin his complexion. Yixing leans close to Yifan and whispers, “He’s just bitter because you’re finally receptive to Yellow’s moves, but Blue’s not showing any reception to his moves.”

A black pencil case comes flying in their direction this time round and Yixing ducks just in time for it to hit Yifan’s face. Lu Han sticks out his tongue as Yixing throws the pencil case back at him and misses narrowly.

Yifan rolls his eyes and turns his attention back to his phone.

From: Chanyeol
Sehun told me Lu Han’s applying for a transfer? Sehun’s been more dazed lately than he usually is.

Yifan glances up, eyes darting between Yixing and Lu Han, before he types a reply to Chanyeol.

From: Yifan
What do you think about playing Cupid?

Lu Han’s staring at him when he looks up from his phone. He makes a mock-puking motion when Yifan glances over at him and Yifan makes the biggest unceremonial roll of his eyes at him.


“Sorry I’m late!” Chanyeol exclaims as he slides into the seat next to Yifan and tosses him a brilliant smile.

Yifan shrugs as Baekhyun raises an eyebrow and says, “Alright, now that we’re all here, can you explain why you would possibly be asking Kyungsoo and I to play gooseberry at your date?”

Kyungsoo flushes bright red next to Baekhyun and nods slowly. Yifan smiles at Chanyeol and gives him a nod, before Chanyeol clasps his hands together and says, “Lu Han’s getting transferred to another school in five days.”

Baekhyun blinks at him. “Okay… I’m aware of that, but what has it got to do with anything?”

“Sehun’s too much of a coward to confess to him, so I was thinking maybe he needs a shove from us,” Chanyeol finishes happily and accepts the glass of fruit juice that Yifan hands him.

There’s a short pause from Baekhyun, who simply leans back in his chair and sips his iced coffee thoughtfully. Yifan shrugs and presses on, “Any ideas?”

“If we force him to a corner, he’ll probably get enough courage through sheer desperation,” Kyungsoo pipes up softly, causing Baekhyun to choke.

Chanyeol’s eyes light up as he claps happily and points at Kyungsoo excitedly, exclaiming, “Yes, that’s a brilliant idea!”

Baekhyun stops coughing long enough to give Kyungsoo a loving pat on the head and Yifan momentarily facepalms. He’s working with three idiots to matchmake two idiots. He begins to seriously wonder when his life took such a tragic turn.


Kyungsoo’s sure-to-fail idea, as Yifan likes to call it in front of Chanyeol, actually works.

It, however, doesn’t stop Lu Han from packing, with Sehun helping him and hanging on to his every word on the day of his departure. Yifan makes sure to plaster on the most unimpressed face he can master as Chanyeol drags him over – he’s still not particularly pleased that Oh Sehun dares to tell him off for lacking the guts to confess to Chanyeol when he fails to confess to Lu Han, despite the date they went on.

After Chanyeol’s left with Sehun to get food, Yifan stares at Lu Han and comments, “So, what’s the status now?”

Lu Han doesn’t look up from the cardboard boxes and just shrugs, answering, “It’s not like I expected a confession or anything from him. I might have fainted from shock if he did.”

Yifan laughs and tosses a couple of Lu Han’s books into the nearby cardboard box. “Hey, he’ll confess eventually. Give and take a couple of years.”

Lu Han laughs and punches his arm, before smiling softly. “Yeah, maybe he will.”


You can go be a fortune teller, is what Lu Han texts him after Sehun and Chanyeol’s graduation ceremony has ended.

Sehun and Lu Han had disappeared in the blink of an eye the moment Chanyeol appeared with a cake and tried to smash pieces of it into everyone’s face, only stopping when he reaches Yifan who simply glares at him.

Yifan laughs and types a quick congrats to Lu Han, before showing Chanyeol the contents of Lu Han’s text. This results in a dramatic flailing scene from Chanyeol for the succeeding five minutes, with loud exclamations of how his Sehuna has grown up. He only shuts up when Yifan kisses him on the lips, causing Baekhyun to shriek and fling pieces of cake at them, telling them to learn a lesson on decency from Lu Han and Sehun and get a fucking room.

Chanyeol pulls away and plucks out bits of cake from Yifan’s hair, brushing his bangs out of his eyes as Yifan returns a smile.

These days, Yifan can barely keep track of what’s happening in the present with Chanyeol; much less plan a detailed schedule of his day.

But he supposes he’s alright with this as well.


okay firstly, to timeshaker-sama, i hope i did not disappoint!!! ;w; and i genuinely hope that you enjoyed this/ this was what you intended when you wrote the original fic with the sehan focus. thank you for being such a sweet sweet person and for cheering me on with rl issues, along with supporting me as i drag my feet through writing this fic TT____TT ♥

and thank you to cityscape for beta-ing! idc what you say chels, you're the person who completes my fics, the one who adds the little sparkles to my otherwise plain work. thank you for always putting up with my terrible unreadable fics and for ploughing through a few thousand words every single time. you're the loveliest ♥

also, thank you to hoaegi for listening to me whine and for forcing me to write when i just want to play pokemon instead ;w; though i don't appreciate you threatening to kill sehun if i don't write, shushu ;~~~; ♥

lastly, thanks to kim_ri for helping me check the initial krisyeol interactions and for holding my hand through the whole fic ;~~~; also, credits to her for the title of the fic :D love you, cough partner~~~ ♥

Tags: !fanfic, fandom: exo, p: kris/chanyeol, rating: pg
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