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the planets bend between us

The Planets Bend Between Us
5737w; PG
Sehun/Luhan, a little of Baekhyun/Chanyeol
Summary: Sehun goes on a mission and forgets everything.
A/N: for scylladakylla, who is having a tough time in college ♥

He doesn’t know what’s come over him, but he pushes forward, away from screams of “don’t let him get away”!

With no idea why, just a simple gut feeling, he forces himself to keep running, although his legs are protesting and his throat is screaming.

The last thing he remembers is a pair of black leather boots running towards him, before he falls into the sand.


“Don’t, you’ll wake him.”

“I’m just trying to check on his wounds and, oh… Sehun?”

“Water,” he breathes.

A cold glass is placed precariously on the tip of his lips and he accepts it graciously, downing the cool liquid in one gulp. Only then, is he alert enough to notice the two pairs of eyes trained on him. A guy with long bangs that end at his eyebrows places his hand on top of his, and asks, “How are you feeling, Sehun?”

He blinks and replies, “My name is… Sehun?”

This causes a brief exchange of glances between the pair, before the second guy with noodle hair stands up with such force that he almost knocks over the chair he’s sitting on. “I’m calling Yixing,” he exclaims and exits the room right before a light flashes and nearly blinds Sehun (or at least he thinks that’s his name).

POP, and a guy with puppy-like eyes is breathing into his personal space, waving a hand before him and asking, “Yixing says you’re broken. Want me to fix you?”

Sehun jumps and presses his back against the bed frame, because people don’t just appear out of thin air like that and eat into your personal space straight after. Noodle-hair boy returns with a lanky guy whose fringe is practically covering his right eye. The guy pushes puppy-eyes away and says, “You’re scaring him, Jongin.”

He presses the back of a hand to Sehun’s forehead and shrugs, commenting, “He’s not running a fever and I can’t see anything physically wrong with him.”

Emo-bangs takes a seat on the edge of Sehun’s bed and smiles. “I’m Baekhyun,” he offers helpfully.

He points to the others, recites their name slowly, and Sehun blinks, because is this really the most important thing right now? “Where am I?”

Baekhyun pauses and puppy-eyes raises an eyebrow. He says slowly, “You’re in your room, which is located in our house, which is in Korea.”

Sehun sputters, “O-Our?”

Puppy-eyes nods slowly and shoots noodle-hair boy a side eye glance and continues, “Yes, our. So it’ll be good if you got to know your house mates, isn’t it?”

Sehun nods hesitantly, before puppy-eyes breaks into a smile and nods at Baekhyun. Baekhyun repeats himself, eyes never leaving Sehun’s, as Sehun repeats their names. He stumbles thrice over Yixing’s name and Yixing laughs bitterly, muttering, “Just like the first time.”

Sehun frowns and wonders when they've met before, since this man (or any of them, for that matter) doesn't seem to be anywhere in his fragmented memory. A guy with light brown hair enters, and Sehun stares, because he swears this one has to be only twelve. He leans against the doorframe, breaths falling in puffs.

Sehun swallows and feels an immense pressure to say something, anything, to this new figure, instead of just blatantly staring. “Luhan,” Baekhyun says, lips pressed into a thin line as he watches this newcomer.

“Lu…han,” Sehun repeats, before Luhan lets out a loud sob and turns on his heel, out the door.


“So,” Sehun continues, “We’re all angels –“

“Guardians. No wings,” Jongin interrupts, earning a sharp glare from Baekhyun.

Sehun blinks and mumbles, “Right, guardians. And I’m the guardian of wind, who went missing for a week after getting lost on a mission with Luhan?”

Chanyeol nods and claps his hands. Sehun presses fingers to his temples and exhales. This is freaking insane. “He thinks we’re fooling around with him,” Luhan points out flatly from the opposite end of the table.

“How’d you –“

“Experience,” Luhan fixes him with a stare and Sehun clamps his jaw shut, folds his arms across his chest and leans back into his chair.

Yixing clears his throat and leans across the table, his finger tracing the silver band bound to Sehun’s wrist. “This,” he says, with a tap on it, “is probably suppressing your powers and blocking your memory.”

Jongin rolls his eyes and collapses next to Luhan, muttering, “Genius, hyung.”

“What’s this?” Yixing asks, his finger pausing on a particular part of the band.

Sehun flips his arm over and Baekhyun shuffles over to examine the logo on the band. “It looks familiar,” he begins, “But I can’t place my finger on what it reminds me of.”

“Think harder,” Jongin says.

“What, like you –“

“Why don’t we try to get it off Sehun’s wrist first?” Chanyeol pipes up and shoots them a smile.

“Or you could just build my memory from scratch again,” Sehun pipes up softly and shrugs as five pairs of eyes turn on him.

Sehun shifts in his seat and rubs the back of his neck, eyes downcast. He doesn’t miss the look Yixing shoots him, a mix of sympathy and was that sadness? Sehun sinks down in his seat. Great, as if he doesn’t already feel like a burden.


Sehun sighs and runs fingers through his bangs, giving them a gentle tug, and lets the cards in his hands slip through his fingers, onto the coffee table.

Note cards, Chanyeol had suggested. Chanyeol’s had been relatively easy to read through, considering it only had five lines, with the fifth being That’s all that’s essential about me, you’ll figure the rest out along the way, maknae :).

It was cards like Baekhyun's that gave Sehun a massive headache with its tiny words, squishing in every essential detail of Baekhyun's, right down to how Chanyeol yells at him and accuses him of barking fifty times or so before they sleep.

A cup was placed down before Sehun, and Sehun glances up, sees Luhan’s lips pressed into a tight line. He sits down next to Sehun, an arm’s length away, and says, “It’s bubble tea. It’s supposed to make everything better.”

“Thanks,” he mumbles and takes a generous sip.

“You should’ve read Baek’s last,” Luhan smiles. “He likes to include irrelevant details.”

Sehun laughs, “So I’ve noticed.”

When he looks up from the note cards, Luhan’s eyes flicker from his to the coffee table. Sehun clears his throat awkwardly and begins, “Could you tell me more about myself, hyung?”

Luhan casts him a side glance and smiles, as he says, “You’re the youngest out of all of us, although Chanyeol acts more like it half the time. You like watching action movies and you use your aegyo to get out of doing household chores.”

Sehun cocks his head to one side and shakes his now-empty cup of bubble tea sadly, as Luhan gives him a small laugh and continues, “I remember there was once when you dragged us to an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet and Yixing insisted that we lay off sushi for a month after that. You –“

Luhan pauses and looks away. Sehun frowns and asks, “What about me, hyung?”

“Nothing,” Luhan says swiftly. “It’s nothing important. It’s late, you should get some rest.”

“No, what is it? If it’s related to me, I –“

“Just, don’t,” Luhan deadpans.

Sehun looks down at the dining table and clamps his jaw shut. Luhan stands up, retrieves the cup from Sehun’s hand and turns to the kitchen. Sehun waits for him to return, stifling a yawn in the process, his brain still whirling with the possibilities behind Luhan’s words.

What Sehun doesn’t know is that when he sinks into his soft sheets and drifts off to sleep with zero formulas of what Luhan meant, Luhan gets up from his bed across the room, crosses over to Sehun's, pulls the covers up to his chin and runs delicate fingers through his bangs.



Sehun gulps and stares down at the green lawn. “I don’t think this a good idea,” Sehun stammers.

“Don’t be ridiculous!” Jongin yells up, a bright smile lighting up his features. “They say your true self will spring up when you’re put in danger.”

“Who is they exactly?” Sehun gulps, his eyebrows creasing into a line.

Jongin appears with a ‘pop’ behind him, gives him a sly smile, leans in and whispers, “Who cares.”

That’s the last thing Sehun hears before he is free falling and the wind whips at his hair, the ground coming closer to view. I don’t think it’s working, Sehun wants to yell, but the fear and desperation of dying renders him speechless. The light pressure digging into his wrist, hard enough to bruise is really not helping the situation. So he settles for shutting his eyes and praying it wouldn’t hurt too much.


Sehun exhales and opens his eyes to find himself levitating midair. He lands with a soft ‘thud’ on the floor, and stares up at Jongin, who’s looking down with a sheepish grin. He reappears next to Sehun and shrugs, “It was worth a shot.”

Luhan rushes over to Sehun and grips his shoulders, shaking him as he shouts, “How could you just listen to what Jongin said? What if I didn’t happen to walk out? What if I didn’t save you?”

He’s shaking, shaking so badly as he drops his voice to a whisper, “What if you died?”

Sehun’s about to cry if Luhan doesn’t stop shouting and shaking him, because he’s scaring him. But Luhan just tightens his grip and pulls Sehun into a hug, burying his head at the joint between Sehun’s neck and his shoulder.

Sehun freezes, as his heart goes into overdrive and this shouldn’t be happening. It’s a breezy afternoon, yet Sehun feels like he can’t breathe, feels like his heart’s pumping way too much blood to his hands.

When Luhan pulls back, his eyes are glassy and he turns to Jongin, yelling, “What were you thinking, Jongin? Sehun can’t control the wind with that stupid thing around his wrist and –“

“I think,” Sehun interrupts, finally regaining his ability to speak, causing both guardians to face him. “The wind was trying to tell me something, but I can’t figure out what it was.”

Jongin flashes him a bright smile and shoots a told-you-this-would-work look in Luhan’s direction, as Luhan deadpans, eyes soft but voice hard, “It’s probably trying to tell you that you’re insane.”

He spins around and walks back into the house, after shooting Jongin a final glare. Sehun spreads his palms out on the grass and stares at his bracelet. He swears it had sunk further into his wrist, but he shakes the thought out of his mind and figures that Luhan is probably right.


His heart stings again after dinner two weeks upon his return.

Sehun’s fingers brush lightly against Luhan’s as he takes a glass of orange juice from Luhan’s outstretched hand. Sehun freezes as a jolt of electricity shoots up his arm and Luhan pulls back so vigorously, with a spark in his eyes that looks like he’s just been burnt by one of Chanyeol’s accidental fires. Sehun’s fingers promptly let the glass slip through; it breaks with a delicate tinkling sound.

He blinks and tries to shake the thought out of his head, convincing himself that he had imagined it, as he kneels down to pick up the glass shreds. “Don’t touch it!” Luhan shrieks, his voice going up several octaves.

Luhan flings a hand out, fingers splayed, and the glass shreds fly upwards, slicing through parts of Sehun’s arm, before shattering into even tinier pieces. “Luhan!” Baekhyun yells, his eyes wide as he grabs Luhan’s hands.

Sehun stares at the scarlet blood trickling down his arm as Yixing pulls him away from the porcelain remains and waves a hand over his wounds. He smiles, “There, all fixed.”

“I’m sorry!” Luhan cries out, his petite frame shaking immensely, and Sehun blinks because it’s really not that big a deal, yet Luhan’s eyes are glassy and Baekhyun is rubbing circles into his back.

He spreads his hands, lifts up the glass remains and heads to the kitchen. Sehun stares at his retreating form and turns to Baekhyun, asks, “Is Luhan alright?”

Baekhyun fixes him with a stare so intense that Sehun shrinks back slightly, before he sighs and looks at Jongin. Jongin raises an eyebrow and replies, “The question is whether you are alright.”

Sehun stares and shrugs, “I guess? Yixing fixed up my wounds pretty quickly and –“

“You’re terrified of touching broken glass,” Jongin interrupts, and leans forward in his chair, hands clasped together.

“That’s why Luhan freaked out,” Chanyeol adds.

“Oh,” Sehun mutters for lack of a proper response.

Yixing fixes him with a careful gaze and comments, “That’s one powerful bracelet if it can erase your phobias.”

Sehun nods and pauses, before he says, “I think it might fall off soon, considering it short-circuited a while ago.”

Chanyeol cocks his head to one side and asks, “How can you even tell?”

“I don’t know,” Sehun admits, before he hesitates and adds in a softer voice, “It just-- Something weird happened just now when Luhan passed me the glass earlier. I mean, this jolt of electricity just shot up my arm and I don’t know.”

The silence that ensues makes Sehun wish he could stuff all the stupid words back into his mouth because he obviously sounded insane, if the weird stares were any indication that is.

Chanyeol is the first to break the silence as he explodes into insane laughter and nearly falls off his chair as a result. Jongin’s beaming from ear to ear and the creases in Baekhyun’s forehead ease out into a gentle smile. Sehun vaguely wonders if he’s missing out on some sort of private joke, if this was something that happened to him frequently whenever something metal was attached to his wrist.

Yixing places a comforting hand on his shoulder and smiles, “Looks like your heart remembers what your mind doesn’t.”

Before Sehun can demand elaborations, Luhan re-enters the living room with a new cup of orange juice and mumbles, “Here, Sehun.”

Sehun reaches out to Luhan, but Luhan holds out a hand and allows the glass to float across the distance between them, into Sehun’s open palm. He gives Sehun a tight smile and squeezes his way in between Baekhyun and Chanyeol on the couch.

Sehun shrugs it off and ignores the small burn in his heart. He probably ate his dinner too fast and got heartburn.


He learns slowly.

Chanyeol teaches him basic self-defense, nothing too fancy because the stupid silver band bound to him limits his abilities.

Baekhyun teaches him how to use a simple pocketknife;it’s not much, but… Sehun decides it’s better than nothing and tries his best to pick up the skill.

Yixing teaches him basic healing techniques and Sehun doesn’t think there’s a difference between these berries and those berries, until Yixing describes them to him. He decides it’s in his best interest to just stay away from them altogether.

Luhan sits down, a respectable distance from him, one cloudy day and stares down at Sehun, sprawled on the grass, his eyes closed. “What are you doing?”

Sehun presses a finger to his lips and stays silent for a while, before answering, “The wind is trying to tell me something.”

He opens his eyes and sits upright, and asks, “Is there something that you need to tell me, though?”

Luhan ignores his question and probes with bright eyes, “You can understand it?”

Sehun sighs and shakes his head, replies, “Nah, but I’m starting to understand her mood. Like how she’s expressing a form of light-heartedness with this gentle breeze.”

Luhan stares at him, his mouth slightly agape, as Sehun stammers, “I mean I probably sound weird, but –“

“No!” Luhan yells, before he lowers his voice as Sehun blinks at him. “No, I mean I’m just surprised you even thought of doing this. Like, trying to understand.”

Sehun shrugs and comments, “Jongin thinks I should start using my heart more, since it’s obviously clearer than my mind.”

He lets out a breathy laugh, “Crazy, isn’t it?”

Luhan's responding chuckle is just as shaky and he nods, his eyes downcast. He stands up and dusts his pants, gives Sehun a smile and says, “Come on, we should head in, it’s getting dark.”

Sehun stands and trails behind Luhan, back to the house. He tries to ignore the sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach as Luhan plops himself down next to Yixing, as far from him as possible. Use your heart, Baekhyun had told him. Sehun’s pretty sure the stomach doesn’t count as part of the heart, despite its close proximity.


“Don’t let him get away! I still have adjustments to make to that bracelet!” Toss.

He turns and there are hooded figures on his tail, shooting fireballs over his head. Turn.

“I will find you, Oh Sehun, or my name isn’t Lee Inwoo!” Sehun locates the source of voice and shudders at its pale skin, marred with tattoos on his face.

Sehun bolts upright, shaking as he tries to catch his breath, while wiping drops of perspiration off his forehead. It’s just a bad dream… again. Sehun runs fingers through his bangs and sighs. It’s been a week and he’s getting sick of jerking awake with questions running through his mind in the middle of the night.

He casts a glance at the lump across the room. Luhan’s blanket is rising and falling steadily, so Sehun creeps out of bed and shuts the door behind him softly.

Sehun pours himself a glass of water and leans against the kitchen sink, his eyes falling shut as he listens to the gentle night breeze. All is well, he sighs in relief.

“Nightmares again?”

Sehun jumps and the glass slips from his fingers. Luhan waves a hand and sets it back on the kitchen counter, brushes his fringe out of his eyes and says, “Sorry.”

“No, it’s not your fault. I was just… lost in thought.”

Luhan washes Sehun’s glass and replies, “Bubble tea for them?”

Sehun smiles and shakes his head. Luhan stares at him and Sehun’s about to suggest going back to bed as Luhan says, “Want to watch a movie? We bought ‘Footloose’ a couple of months back, but never got the chance to watch it.”

“What’s that?”

Luhan gives Sehun’s wrist a light tug and drags him to the living room, answering, “A dance movie. You’ll love it.”


Except the movie doesn’t actually get watched, because Sehun ends up watching the way Luhan’s head lolls to the side when he dozes off and how he jumps up when Ariel lets out a screech and ends up wailing. He laughs into the back of his hand and Luhan puffs out his cheek, grumbles, “You’re supposed to be watching the movie, not me.”

“I can’t help it, you’re cute.”

The words come tumbling out of Sehun’s mouth before his brain processes it, and Sehun nearly bites his tongue in response. A light flush spreads across Luhan’s cheeks and he clears his throat, before saying, “You’re one to speak. You’re the one who was a former ulzzang before this whole guardian business.”

“What’s that?” Sehun asks, angling his body so that he’s facing Luhan instead of the television screen.

Luhan takes out his phone, shows Sehun a couple of photos and spends the next twenty minutes explaining Sehun’s past to him. Sehun grabs Luhan’s hand and brings the phone closer to his face at a particular photo and exclaims, “I really do look good here!”

Luhan rolls his eyes and answers, “I shouldn’t have fueled your ego.”

Sehun laughs and leans against Luhan, before noticing how long and pretty Luhan’s fingers were, and how they fit between the spaces of his. And oh dear god, what was he doing. He drops Luhan’s hand and pulls away, turning his attention back to the television screen, where Ren and Ariel promptly kiss.

God officially hates him.

They watch the rest of the movie in silence, until Luhan eventually nods off, his head knocking against Sehun’s shoulder. Sehun looks down, watches the way Luhan’s eyelashes curl up and how his mouth forms small ‘o’ shapes as his breathing stabilizes. Sehun fingers Luhan’s fringe, before he drops his hand to Luhan’s waist, just fuck it, and he closes his eyes.

The next morning, chaos ensues when Sehun wakes up with an aching back and with Jongin cackling into his left ear. Luhan makes a sound next to him and curls up tighter against Sehun, burying his face in Sehun’s neck. Sehun freezes because he definitely did not think of the side effects and reactions he’d receive for last night.

“Luhan,” Baekhyun coos, as he tries to pry a half-awake Luhan off Sehun.

Luhan’s eyes flutter open, he takes one look at Sehun and jolts away, promptly falling back into Baekhyun. Chanyeol laughs from the dining table and Yixing stifles a smile, as he places mugs of coffee down. “Go wash up,” Yixing calls, “then come for breakfast.”

Sehun blinks, still confused from all the laughing around him. He seems to be missing out on a hell lot of private jokes lately (or maybe it was always this way, he wouldn’t know). Luhan flails a little and stands up, making a mad dash to the bathroom, as Chanyeol teases, “Remember to clean up after yourself!”

Sehun massages his temples and sighs. God, all he wanted was a good night’s rest.


“Where are you going?” Sehun asks, as he watches Baekhyun shrug on a sleek, leather jacket; Chanyeol pulls on black gloves.

Baekhyun whacks his forehead and says, “Ah right, we forgot to tell you about this part. Every month, we need to do surveillance on the area around us, just to make sure nothing major’s happening with the other residents and you know, to make sure our secret identity remains, well, secret.”

Sehun puffs out his cheeks and nods. Chanyeol beams and ruffles his hair, “Don’t worry, we’ll be back soon, maknae.”

When they’re gone, Jongin proceeds to lie on the sofa, resting his head in Sehun’s lap. Sehun yawns and flips through the television channels. It suddenly dawns on him how quiet the house is without Chanyeol’s infectious laughter and Baekhyun’s crazy antics.

He ends up falling asleep, and he jolts awake when Jihyo lets out a particularly high-pitched congratulatory scream for finding Jongkook on Running Man Hide-and-Seek. Sehun rubs his eyes and plays with Jongin’s hair, causing Jongin to shift slightly before his eyes flicker open.

Sehun casts a quick glance at the trees, bending in the wind outside. The bark of a tiny oak, one that Yixing had planted only days ago, snaps and falls to the ground. Sehun blinks and clutches Jongin’s hand, whispers, “Jongin, something’s not right. The wind, she’s –“

“The hyungs are back!” Jongin exclaims as the door gives a light ‘click’.

Yixing looks up from the flowers that he just fixed on the dining table, and Luhan walks out with a glass of water in his hand, just as five hooded figures enter the house. Sehun gulps, “Shit.”


Jongin’s on his feet in a moment and Luhan is by his side almost immediately. Yixing gives a final wave of his hand over the flowers and says, “Unless you’re here to remove Sehun’s bracelet, the door is right behind you.”

One man pulls off his hood, to reveal pale white skin, with tattoos all over his face. Sehun freezes, because that’s the face, and suddenly everything falls into place.

Lee Inwoo smirks, “Strange, I expected the chosen ones to be of better quality, but it seems like you’re not too different from us.”

His gaze falls on Sehun and he bows gently, smiling, “Ah, I see you’re doing well, Sehun.”

Luhan finds Sehun’s hand and clutches it, kneading small circles into his palm; don’t be afraid. The man laughs, “Oh, that’s right, how could I forget? You don’t remember anything, so you probably don’t remember me. Let me introduce myself –“

“That won’t be necessary,” Luhan chides.

Inwoo’s smile softens, as he looks down, continuing, “Ah, but I wasn’t done, Luhan.”

He glances up and ice bullets fly out from his fingers, which Luhan promptly redirects, with a simple wave of his hand. Jongin disappears just as Luhan whispers, “Stay behind me, Sehun.”

Before Sehun can respond, the five men charge towards them and Luhan drops Sehun’s hand and raises his hands, shoving all of them back. Yixing appears by his side and says, “That bigmouth is mine; the rest are for your training.”

Luhan and Yixing’s smiles vanish, as the said bigmouth brandishes five silver bands and responds, “No need to get violent, we brought gifts for you.”

One of the men is suddenly before them, his hand around Luhan’s neck, pinning him to the wall, a silver band in his hand. Sehun falls to the ground, and he screams just as the room lights up.

“Having a party without us?” Chanyeol smirks, flames sparking off the robe of the guy who had Luhan in a headlock seconds ago.

“Good job, Jongin,” Luhan pants.

One of the men approaches Sehun and Sehun pushes himself until he’s backed up against a wall. He remembers vaguely that his pocketknife is lying on his bedside table and mentally curses at the slim chance of grabbing it under the current circumstances.

“Leave him,” Inwoo yells. “He’s the least of our worries.”

The man grimaces and aims a shot at Sehun’s thigh, which he misses as Sehun rolls on his side. “Get over here!” Inwoo yells again, and the man leaves Sehun grudgingly.

Sehun clutches at his bracelet and pulls, until tears prick at his eyes. He vaguely registers ‘pop’ sounds from Jongin, and he tries harder. The bracelet clings tighter to his skin, an act of defiance and Sehun is this close to tears because they’re all going to become like him and it’s all his fault.

Luhan’s voice snaps him back to reality, as he shakes Sehun and says, “Sehun, calm down!”

His eyes focus on Luhan’s doe-like ones, catching a brief glimpse of Chanyeol in the background, blocking off shots and yelling, “Luhan, hurry the fuck up!”

Luhan breathes, “You’re okay, we’re here and –“

“But you’re going to die and it’s my –“

“We’re not going to die,” Luhan smiles, and Sehun wants to yell, wants to tell Luhan to stop pacifying him, because he’s a big boy and he’s not oblivious to their situation.

The bracelet tightens around his wrist and Sehun chokes, as if his air is suddenly being halved. Luhan stares down at his bracelet and exclaims, “It feeds on your feelings, Sehun! The more desperate you feel, the tighter it gets. All you have to do is relax.”

Sehun opens his mouth to say he can’t, he doesn’t know how to, but no words come out, so he settles for shaking his head. Behind Luhan, Chanyeol lets out a cry, and Luhan throws a brief glance over his shoulder, desperation and panic and worry (and love? what is that hint of something else) before he leans in.

Luhan’s lips feel soft against his and Sehun’s mind goes blissfully blank, before he hears a ‘click’, followed by a clatter as silver meets the ground, and it hits him.


”Don’t move too much and it won’t hurt.”

Lee Inwoo hovers before him with a silver bracelet, as Sehun gets pinned down ruthlessly by two other men. Rejected guardians, he remembers, the ones who were given powers but not selected to be on the Council to protect humans due to personality defects, they'd said.

Sehun struggles against the firm grip and lets out a scream as an icy blade pierces his side, his eyes squeezed shut. He tries to summon the wind, but nothing happens. It’s not supposed to end like this, he thinks bitterly, he’s supposed to bring Lee Inwoo back to his prison cell. No one had said anything about Inwoo getting backup from fellow rejected guardians, who had somehow managed to evade the Council’s mass capture of the rejections.

“Good boy,” Inwoo coos, and Sehun hears a ‘click’ around his wrist.

His head is pounding, but Sehun finds all his strength to take advantage of Inwoo’s smugness and push aside his lackeys, shoves a table in their direction and sprint towards the exit, as he starts forgetting.


He manages to see Luhan lifted to his feet, a hand around his neck as Luhan grips at them. Sehun’s eyes narrow and he lifts his hand, he can hear her again, the wind, the way she laughs and wipes out the man. “Stay away from him,” Sehun snarls.

Lee Inwoo turns to him, as Sehun clenches his fists and tornados start spinning out around him. In a moment, he has Inwoo pinned against the wall, tornados surrounding both of them. Sehun can hear footsteps from behind him, before he hears a yell and he turns around to see a man surrounded by a ring of fire. Chanyeol lies on his side, his hand turning red from clutching his waist, as he smiles weakly, “Always have your back, maknae.”

Sehun smirks, “Don’t move and this won’t hurt too much.”


“We’ll keep a good watch over him,” Yifan promises as he glares down at a handcuffed Inwoo.

Jongin grimaces, “You better.”

Yifan and Minseok give them a smile, a promise, before Zitao waves a hand over the room and restores it. Yifan gives them a nod, before he vanishes with the other Council members and the five men.

“So,” Chanyeol says, as Yixing waves his hands repeatedly over Chanyeol’s side. “This calls for a celebration.”

“Stop pumping your fist in the air, or I’ll let you die from internal bleeding,” Yixing complains, but his voice is soft.

Chanyeol laughs and flinches slightly at the pain, as Baekhyun rushes to his side and coos over him like a mother hen. Sehun laughs, “Let’s eat sushi!”

Jongin envelops him in a hug, as uncharacteristic as that might be, and laughs into his shoulder, “Thank you for coming back, Sehun.”


It’s only after stuffing themselves that Yixing asks, “How’d you make the bracelet come off anyway, Sehun?”

“Oh, Luhan figured the bracelet feeds on emotions. The more desperate I got, the tighter it bound to me. So to get it off, I just had to do the opposite, relax.”

Baekhyun frowns and clicks his tongue disapprovingly, “How could you possibly relax when we’re getting our asses whooped cause of you?”

“Oh, I couldn’t, but Luhan –“ Sehun pauses, as he remembers the feel of Luhan’s lips against his, a soft shade of pink spreading across his cheeks.

Jongin catches on and nudges him in the ribs, as Sehun falls to the side and lets out a whine that Jongin’s the hyung, so he should act like it sometimes.

Yixing clears his throat, and says, “Well, did you thank him?”

When Sehun falls silent and stares at his fingers, Yixing rests a warm hand on his thigh and smiles, “Whenever you’re ready.”


It’s not as easy as it seems; Luhan makes sure of that. He goes to bed after Sehun falls asleep in an upright position, waiting for him, and gets up to make breakfast before Sehun’s brain can string coherent sentences together.

After two days of them dancing around each other, Baekhyun finally gets annoyed and shoves Sehun into the kitchen while Luhan is washing up after dinner, locking the door behind him.

Sehun scuffs his sneakers before he starts, “I didn’t thank you for getting the bracelet off a couple of days back.”

Luhan’s hands still on the dish he's washing, and he lets out a small sigh, as Sehun leans against the sink casually, his side pressing against Luhan’s. Luhan finally puts the dish down and shuffles a little away from Sehun, saying, “I’m sorry for things back there. I mean, for assaulting you of sorts. It’s just Chanyeol was injured and –“

Sehun wraps his arm around Luhan’s waist and pulls Luhan towards him, whispering, “The bracelet’s already gone, so we should both drop the pretense, ge.”

Luhan stares at him and his lips curve up in a small smile, as Sehun leans down so that their lips meet halfway. Sehun kisses him deep, a month of pent-up love, pulling Luhan closer to him.

When they pull away, just enough, he mumbles, “I’m sorry, for, you know, being a jackass in general for the past couple of weeks and –“

Luhan shuts him up with another kiss, pressing his back against the sink. He slips his thigh between Sehun’s legs and presses closer, hands cradling Sehun’s head as he closes all distances between them. Sehun sighs into the kiss, marveling at the perfection of all this just before a cool blast of water hits his face.

Jongin shuts the tap and whines, “Could you guys not. Like it’s not gross enough that Baekhyun is kissing Chanyeol’s wound better. You guys were so… into it, you didn't even notice me unlock the door. This is just... super awkward. For me and Yixing.”

Sehun laughs and gives Jongin a gentle shove, before planting another kiss on Luhan’s lips, just because he can. Jongin mock pukes and Luhan flails a little, a flush spreading across his face as Sehun rests his arm on his waist and leads him back to the living room.

He watches Jongin whine to Yixing about how annoying their members are, and the necessity to get new guardians, straight ones, before he loses his ability to be normal. Yixing laughs good-naturedly and flips through television channels. Baekhyun is pressed up against Chanyeol’s side, and Sehun takes a sit next to him, pulling Luhan into his embrace.

He smiles, as Luhan curls up against him and says, “I’ve always wanted to watch the sunrise. Baekhyun told me it’s beautiful.”

“We can go tomorrow,” Sehun suggests, before he adds, “if you don’t fall asleep watching ‘Footloose’ again.”

Luhan puffs out his cheeks and whines, “I won’t! So… it’s a date?”

Sehun presses a kiss to Luhan’s forehead and smiles, “Wouldn’t miss it for the world, ge.”

sobs alright, just want to add a thanks note to sunlit here, for listening to me whine incessantly about this fic while writing it. and also, for beta-ing it like 28409823052 times. sobs. hope you guys liked this nonetheless ;~~~;
also, credits to snow patrol for the title and to special girl R for suggesting it, HOHOHO. (<

Tags: !fanfic, fandom: exo, p: baekhyun/chanyeol, p: sehun/luhan, rating: pg
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