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posting journal of specialises



please do not translate any fanfics whatsoever, even if you link it back to my original work. thank you.

SHINeeCollapse )

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If I Were Your Boyfriend (Never Let You Go)
5,200w; pg
summary: This isn't a story about falling in love. This is a story about finding love.
a/n: written for hoaegi for kpop_ficmix.
thank you to thatdayismine for all the hand holding and to sphexed for reading through this and giving me the thumbs up ♥

(Jongin’s only four seats away from him, yet, the distance has never felt more impending.)


1,048w; pg
summary: chanyeol's never been able to turn away from the allure of danger. somewhat of a secret agents!au fic.
a/n: written with kim_ri in mind, because she loves krisyeol and i love her ♥

And Chanyeol just falls a little deeper, as his eyes flutter shut.Collapse )


20,338w; nc-17
kris/lu han, kris/yixing, jongin/kyungsoo
Summary: The curve of your lips rewrite history. Kris learns this the hard way, when he ends up opening his heart to Love, despite telling himself that he’s given up on it a long time ago.
a/n: written for tyreling for runandgun

(He pretends, that the speed of his heartbeat is anxiety over Baekhyun’s words rather than the memory of the heat of Lu Han’s skin on his.)

we are the resistance

we are the resistance
563w; pg
Summary: And he’s filled with the urge to end this, win or lose.
a/n: written for iliaccrests because pacific. rim. this is supposed to be the scene before the triple attack part. and. i need to stop writing things that i won't repost.

There’s so much he wants to tell Sehun, about his life, about his past, his present, and maybe his future.Collapse )

when you move me (everything is groovy)

when you move me (everything is groovy)
9,511w; pg
kris/yixing, sehun/jongin
summary: Kris thinks, he may just get used to writing songs just so he can force Yixing to sing them to him.
a/n: written for tatoeba for runandgun

He falls asleep that night, watching the slow rise and fall of Yixing’s chest, and waiting for his heartbeat to fall into synchronisation.Collapse )
because you are the stars, the sun, the moon
1,074w; pg
summary: sehun is an ulzzang with a huge crush on makeup-senpai, baekhyun. jongin is just hanging around for a good show.
a/n: for feixing because she owes me sebaek. and she understands their dynamics. (and my pain that resulted in his drabble) again, one of those things i'm not cross-posting anywhere because it was written in 20 mins and it's crap.

“pay is the last thing he would be worried about,” jongin exclaims, speaking on sehun’s behalf. “all he cares about is having your fingers on his face.”Collapse )

Burn it to the Ground

Burn it to the Ground
1746w; PG
lu han/kai
Summary: Some scars are unforgettable, Jongin thinks, and the only thing time does is make them hurt less.
Warning: character death.
A/N: for euphorias again, because i love her that much ♥

It's four years too late, Jongin feels, for him to finally stop being stubborn - to start listening and stop arguing.Collapse )

60 Seconds

60 Seconds
1395w; PG
Summary: 60 seconds, Sehun decides, is all he needs for this story.
A/N: for euphorias. this is your retribution for giving me feels from Sunggyu's 60 Seconds ;;

Jongin's father's eyes are emotionless as he finishes, "This is our chance to create a life for Jongin all over again. One that doesn't involve you."Collapse )